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To form an alliance of concerned citizens, landowners, and public and private organizations to protect and improve the water quality and natural habitats in the Ulao Creek Watershed.
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The Ulao Creek Partnership, formed in 1995, is a well-established and focused alliance of  concerned citizens, landowners, and public and private organizations dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality and natural habitats in the Ulao Creek Watershed of Ozaukee County.

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This is a photo of Arlene Kaul, at the age of six years old.  The carp were harvested with 5 tine forks. Click photo to enlarge
Hello Partners and Friends,

Let's get ready to pull some garlic mustard.  Our next event is coming up soon.  Sunday May 15th at 1:00pm.  We will be working at the Gateway property.  (Where the Ozaukee County Fish Passage program performed the major creek restoration project)  This is at the SE corner of I-43 and Hwy 60.  Across the street from the Water Street Brewery.  

Please come and tell your friends and families!  We are also an official registered garlic mustard pulling team and have the ability to raise funds for both the Ulao Creek Partnership and SEWISC.  (Southeastern WI Invasive Species Consortium)  

Please consider soliciting donations from friends, families and businesses for the event.  Either $1 or $2 for every pound of garlic mustard you pull!  (a full garbage bag is 33 lbs)  

Below is a link to the donation form and the image left is a link to our event on SEWISC's website.  (scroll down a bit and you will see our event listed!)  

I've had a great time being UCP president for the last few years, have made some good friends and learned a lot.  I also want to thank Dan Vogel and wish him great luck as our new incoming UCP president. 


See you there.

August Hoppe

UCP President

Garlic Mustard Pull-A-Thon Donation Form

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