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Ulao Creek Water Monitoring

Saturday, May 1st, eleven volunteers were taught the basics on how to monitor water quality by DNR, University of Wisconsin-Extension (UWEX), and Riveredge experts.  They will be monitoring pre-selected sites on Ulao Creek once a month for the next seven months.

Paul Helms, Fred Rompelman, and Garrett Rompelman, landowners along Ulao Creek as well as Partnership members will be monitoring sites near their homes.  Cathy Smith, a science teacher at Webster Transitional School, will be monitoring a site with her students.  She will be assisted by Ginny Plumeau, Sandy Doedens, and Niki Doedens.  Kay Wulff, a 4-H leader, will be monitoring a site at Hwy 60 with students.  Brian Lennie is also monitoring a site.

The day began at 8:00am at Ulao Creek and Falls Road.  Habitat of the creek was discussed, as well as turbidity, temperature, macroinvertebrates, and base flow.  From there the group moved indoors to the Grafton Town Hall to further discuss macroinvertebrates and dissolved oxygen.

 The data will be collected over the next seven months.  Some information will be collected every month and others only once during the seven months.  The results will be utilized by UWEX to help determine water quality trends across the state.  The data collected by the volunteers will also be used by the Ulao Creek Partnership to make some decisions on the future of the Creek.

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