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Evolution of the Partnership
Importance of Ulao Creek
Organization Structure
Stewardship Plan
Past Projects
Land & Water Management
Our Mission

To form an alliance of concerned citizens, landowners, and public and private organizations to protect and improve the water quality and natural habitats in the Ulao Creek Watershed.
Who We Are

The Ulao Creek Partnership, formed in 1995, is a well-established and focused alliance of  concerned citizens, landowners, and public and private organizations dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality and natural habitats in the Ulao Creek Watershed of Ozaukee County.


Public support for the work of the Ulao Creek Partnership is very strong. The group has made substantial progress and enjoys the support and respect of the area's residents and local public officials.

Landowners - Tim Kaul, Landowner, Past Chairman, Ulao Creek Partnership (Tim recently sold a conservation easement to the Wisconsin DNR to protect a portion of Ulao Swamp.); Karin Manley; David Schwengel; Paul Helms; Fred Rompelman; Barbara Greenler; and Jane Musich

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Armin Schwengel, Wetland Specialist - USFWS/DNR

- Ozaukee County, WI - Andy Holschbach, Conservationist - Director, Ozaukee County Land and Water Management Department; Secretary, Ulao Creek Partnership; Glenn Stumpf, Ozaukee County Land Conservation Committee member and County Supervisor.

- Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) - William Wawrzyn, DNR Water Resources Management Biologist, Technical Advisor; Melissa Sparrow, DNR Wildlife Ecologist, Technical Advisor; Joanne Kline, DNR Wildlife Ecologist, Technical Advisor, Richard De Yarman, DNR Land Agent, Technical Advisor

- Ozaukee/Washington Land Trust - Shawn Graff, Executive Director, The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust; Chairman, Ulao Creek Partnership, Landowner Contact and Public Education Subcommittee

- University of Wisconsin (UWEX) - James A. Reinartz, Ph.D., Ecologist - Director, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM)-Field Station; Board of Directors and Technical Advisor, Ulao Creek Partnership.

- Botanical Garden - Pati Vitt, Ph.D. Conservation Botanist - Chicago Botanical Garden, Technical Advisor

- Scientist Volunteers - Dale Buser, Hydrogeologist - Bonestroo

- Wisconsin Electric - Noel J. Cutright, Ph.D., Senior Terrestrial Ecologist - Wisconsin Electric, Technical Advisor

- Union Pacific Railroad - Tom Foxen, Union Pacific Railroad, Member and Advisor